• Mediation saved my costs and helped to avoid an expensive and prolonged litigation.
  • Mediation focused on my long term interests and created options for settlements.
  • Through mediation I opted for more by signing a settlement.
  • At the end of the mediation I actually shook hands with my opponents.
  • Mediation immediately put me in control of both my dispute and its resolution.
  • The law mandates mediation and the courts encourage and endorse it.
  • The mediation process is confidential, simple and the atmosphere is informal.
  • Mediation saved my precious time and energy.
  • Through mediation I could communicate in the real sence with the other side.
  • Mediation showed me the strengths and weaknesses of my case.
  • The mediation process was voluntary and I could even opt out of it any time.
  • Mediaton restored my broken relationship with my opponents
  • Mediation focused on improving my future not on dissecting the past

Chief Justice Bombay HC


Born on December 5, 1955 at Bellary in Karnataka, Justice Manjula Chellur is the daughter of Shri C. Bheemappa Chetty and Smt. Rangamma Chetty. After acquiring a degree in Arts from Allum Sumangalamma Womens College in her hometown, Justice Manjula Chellur obtained LL.B. degree from Renukacharya Law College in Bangalore (now Bengaluru) in 1977.

Started practice in August 1978 in Bellary. First woman advocate of Bellary.

During her legal career, Justice Manjula Chellur served as a legal advisor to several banks, agro- industries and other Organizations besides handling several important cases both on civil and criminal sides.

Visited the Crown Court at Durham, UK, during stay in England for a year.

In April 1988, she joined the Karnataka Judicial Service as District Judge.

Fellowship on Gender and Law in 1997 at Warwick University, UK.

Appointed as Judge of the Karnataka High Court in February 2000 and became first woman judge of the Karnataka High Court.

Appointed as Permanent Judge of Karnataka High Court in August 2000.

Was Executive Chairperson of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority and taken keen interest for the welfare of transgender and organized Seminars throughout the State of Karnataka.

Appointed as Acting Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court on 9 November 2011 on transfer from the Karnataka High Court.

Appointed as Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court on 26 September 2012.

In recognition of her outstanding contribution in the field of law, the Karnataka State Women's University, Bijapur, conferred honorary doctorate on Justice Manjula Chellur in March 2013.

Assumed the office of Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court in August 2014, became the 37th and first ever woman Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court.

On 22 August 2016 assumed the office of Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court.