• Mediation saved my costs and helped to avoid an expensive and prolonged litigation.
  • Mediation focused on my long term interests and created options for settlements.
  • Through mediation I opted for more by signing a settlement.
  • At the end of the mediation I actually shook hands with my opponents.
  • Mediation immediately put me in control of both my dispute and its resolution.
  • The law mandates mediation and the courts encourage and endorse it.
  • The mediation process is confidential, simple and the atmosphere is informal.
  • Mediation saved my precious time and energy.
  • Through mediation I could communicate in the real sence with the other side.
  • Mediation showed me the strengths and weaknesses of my case.
  • The mediation process was voluntary and I could even opt out of it any time.
  • Mediaton restored my broken relationship with my opponents
  • Mediation focused on improving my future not on dissecting the past


Message from Chairman


Modern litigant is conscious of the fact that, he is a consumer of Justice Delivery System and not a mere recipient of the Court verdicts. He looks for options when he goes to buy television sets or cars. He demands a choice of movies and, therefore, prefers to go to a multiplex. There he even has a choice of stairs, elevators and escalators. This litigant is, therefore, highly dissatisfied when he goes to a Court and finds that he has to stand in a queue and wait not only for years but for decades. He finds that, the system is not only too complex and technical but also expensive. He finds that judges and lawyers still consider the adversary system as the only way of redressal of dispute. This consumer of Justice Delivery System also demands choice amongst the ADR Mechanisms, but not as Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms. That is why Prof. Frank Sander of Harvard Law School suggested as far back as in 1976 that there should be a Court System with multi door approach:
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